Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phillips 66, operates more than 12,000 miles of pipelines and approximately 50 storage terminals in the United States. Each day, we safely transport raw petroleum products, like crude oil, and refined products, like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  Energy products like these are part of our daily lives as we fuel our cars, cool our homes and use manufactured plastics products.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Operating with Integrity

Pipelines are the most reliable method to move energy products, helping to meet our nation's growing economic and energy needs.  They operate under many government regulations and industry standards.  These measures address all aspects of pipeline operation, including where and how they are built, operated, tested and maintained.  Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC purposes to exceed each requirement and best practice.

Our commitment to safety goes further, with the goal that everyone who lives or works near our assets is:

  • Aware of our lines and facilities
  • Adopts safe digging practices
  • Learns the signs of a leak 
  • Knows how to quickly respond if he or she suspects a problem.

Committed to Safety and Reliability

Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC is dedicated to operating safe and reliable pipelines and facilities.  As part of our on-going damage prevention program, we employ many tactics to ensure the safety of our communities.  These tactics include:

  • Inspecting surface conditions via air or on foot
  • Providing technical operational and safety training for employees
  • Using sophisticated technology to monitor our lines 24-hours a day
  • Clearing easements of shrubs or structures that may hinder visibility or impact the pipeline in another way
  • Sharing preparedness training and communications with local emergency and governmental officials to prepare for the unexpected emergency

Learn more about Pipeline Safety

If you suspect a pipeline emergency, first dial 911.  Then contact Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC at 1-877-267-2290.



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