April 15, 2021

April is National Safe Digging Month!!

April is National Safe Digging Month, and Phillips 66 is pulling all the stops to remind folks to know what’s below by knowing whom to call. 

A massive storage tank at the Phillips 66 Partners Terminal in Pasadena, Texas, now boasts a 2,800 square-foot 8-1-1 logo. 8-1-1 is the universal number for the regional services that coordinate location services for underground utilities in the U.S.  

“From what I understand, this is the largest 8-1-1 logo in the country,” said Todd Denton, Vice President of Midstream Operations at Phillips 66. “Our Midstream Public Awareness team, in conjunction with operations personnel, is always working hard to get the message out.” 

For good reason: Phillips 66 has more than 22,000 miles of pipeline systems under its Midstream segment.

 According to one industry estimate, utility lines like the ones operated by Phillips 66  are damaged once every six minutes on average due to unsafe digging. And excavation damage to gas and product pipelines is a leading cause of serious incidents in the U.S., per the Department of Transportation. 

In front of a lot of eyes 

Anyone planning to dig can contact 8-1-1 free of charge at least 2-3 days prior to have the approximate location of buried utilities marked ahead of the excavation. Hitting a buried utility can disrupt essential services, cost money to repair and could result in serious injury or even death. 

The giant 8-1-1 logo, which debuted in December 2020, is now giving drivers a year-round reminder of the importance of safe digging. It stands nearly 40 feet tall and faces State Highway 225, a major thoroughfare to the east of Houston.  

“This is an area that gets a lot of industrial traffic,” said Denton, adding that an estimated 9 million vehicles stand to travel past the facility and logo each year.