April 4, 2018

Phillips 66 One-Call Team Processes 1MM Locates

“Call Before You Dig.” It’s a simple message and it’s designed to be a fast, simple way for excavators and others to have buried utilities located and mark before digging so they can work safely.

But behind the scenes a tremendous amount of work goes into making tat process as smooth as possible. Just ask the members of Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC’s One-Call team, who recently processed their one millionth request for pipeline locating services.

“This is an important milestone,” says Phillips 66 One-Call Supervisor Chris Young. “It’s a credit to our team members, who are helping protect our pipelines and communities in a very real way.”

When someone calls 811, the call is routed to a local One-Call Center, where the caller will be asked to provide important information about his or her project—including the location, start time and type of work planned. Representatives then provide this information on a ticket to the operators of every utility near the dig site so they can locate and mark their buried lines.

That’s where Phillips 66’s One-Call team comes in. Every year, the Bartlesville, Oklahoma-based group receives some 150,000 of these locate tickets. Each must go through a rigorous screening process to determine whether the digging described in the ticket is close enough to pose a hazard to the nearest pipeline.

After the screening process, the tickets that meet Phillips 66’s criteria are sent to local company representatives who locate and mark the pipeline, and in some cases observe the dig. An average of 60,000 tickets a year are forwarded on for locating—that’s over 1,100 per week!

From the initial 811 call to the final markings, Phillips 66 has two to three business days (depending on state law) to complete the locate request. It’s a fast, never-ending process with little room for error—one missed ticket or incorrect marking can mean the difference between a safe dig and a ruptured pipeline.

But since the company was created in 2012, it has processed over 1 million of these locate requests with zero line strikes, zero spills and zero impacts to pipeline operations when an excavator followed the One-Call process—calling before digging, allowing Phillips 66 to mark the lines and digging carefully near them.

“I’m extremely proud of our team,” Young says. They’ve shown they really practice what they preach, and the numbers show it. This group has, and will continue to be, committed to protecting our pipelines, the environment and our communities.”