Pipelines are safe and getting safer

According to Association of Oil Pipe Lines, pipeline operators spend over $2 billion a year to keep their pipelines, the public and the environment safe.
Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC makes safety our highest priority. We value the relationships we’ve cultivated in the communities where we work and live. We know you expect us to operate safely – and we do.

Our multi-pronged approach to safety is rooted in prevention, maintenance, and emergency preparedness. Elements of these programs include exacting design and construction standards, comprehensive pipeline maintenance, 24-7 remote line monitoring, leak detection, community education programs and strong relationships with emergency response teams across our asset footprint.

We believe that all pipeline incidents are preventable, and we support our goal of zero safety issues by investing in a high-performing employee team, cutting-edge technology, on-going training, and honesty.

View the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) site for Phillips 66 and its subsidiaries.

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In an emergency situation, our priorities are the same as yours -- to protect life, environment and property.
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Encroachment Guidelines
In order to protect public safety, Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC pipelines are covered by written easement agreements.
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